What kind of material is Kumon Maths 4A It is a unit for learning to write numbers



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What age level is Kumon Maths 4A designed for?

Kumon Maths 4A is the equivalent level of 4 years old.

In all Kumon subjects, the A materials are at the equivalent level of 6. Under 2 years of age, children study in a separate material called 'Baby Kumon', so it is generally safe to assume that 2A and 3A are for 5-year-olds, 4A and 5A are for 4-year-olds and 6A and below are for 3-year-olds...

What kind of teaching materials are Kumon Math 4A?

The aims of the Kumon Math 4A materials are as follows

To improve students' ability to write numbers 1-50, as well as to deepen their understanding of number sequences through number table reading and number writing, and to develop their ability to move on to the 3A materials. The target for reading number tables is 100.

Although the importance of penmanship was also high in 5A, it is fair to say that almost all of the content in 4A is centred on penmanship. Points such as reading numbers and understanding number sequences continue to be tested, but are treated as an additional item to writing.

Let's look at the material in more detail. Kumon Maths 4A consists of 200 printouts, but here is a breakdown of the material.

| Material number | Content | | | --- | --- | 1-40 | Numeric Tracing | | | 41-100 | Goodwill up to 10 | | | 101-120 | Goodwill up to 20 | | | 121-140 | Goodwill up to 30 | | 141-200 | Numbers up to 50 |

All content deals with writing numbers.

Numeric tracing of numbers

Trace and write numbers from 1 to 10. Illustrations and assistance with stroke order provide a good first step towards writing numbers.

Renshu up to 10, Renshu up to 20, Renshu up to 30

Practise writing numbers in the blanks instead of tracing them. Numbers are written with a model, so the aim is to be able to write the number form correctly without assistance.

Numbers to 50

In addition to writing numbers, students learn to write numbers in the form of fill-in-the-blanks, combining the skills they have acquired up to 5A with the writing skills they practised in 4A.

The focus is on writing numbers, which will form the basis for future learning.

The size of the numbers we cover is the same as before: in 5A, we already had material to read numbers up to 100, so there are no numbers that we see for the first time in 4A.

Instead, from this point on, students need to be able to write the numbers they have only read so far.

In 5A, you still needed to be able to write, but instead of writing the numbers themselves, you were asked to draw a line through the order of the numbers; in 4A, you are writing the numbers themselves, which requires a more advanced ability to use your penmanship.

Incorporate a variety of opportunities to improve your writing skills into your daily life!

In order to master Kumon Math 4A, it is important to incorporate writing opportunities in a variety of situations, not only in Kumon Math.

Diverse skills are needed to write numbers.

  • Maintaining balance throughout the letter.
  • Keeping the number within the frame.
  • Remembering the shape and stroke order of numbers.

Because of the complex skills required, it is important to use a variety of approaches rather than just one effective approach.

For example, colouring books are effective in increasing awareness of writing into the frame. Drawing will create an awareness of overall balance. Numeral posters can be put up in the house to help remember the shape of numbers. Kumon Japanese and Zun Zun will improve the ability to write itself.

Kumon Math 4A is a time-consuming area, as it requires comprehensive skills. Take your time with the approach and move on to the next material.